About Us

The Association of Cancer Systems Biologists (ACSB) is an organization that organically evolved from the Integrative Cancer Biology Program (ICBP), an NIH National Cancer Institute-led initiative to promote systems biology approaches to cancer research. During the ten year ICBP funding period, which ended in 2015, NCI supported annual meetings of ICBP junior investigators and a core set of those early stage investigators have taken steps towards an NCI-independent legacy of the ICBP program.

Mission Statement

The ACSB mission is to foster, promote and advocate for cancer systems biology and the needs of the researchers in the field. We do so by sharing information about the field and events, and fostering community and collaboration amongst our members. Our current aim is to host a biennial meeting in Cancer Systems Biology. The long-term goal of the ACSB is the development of a Cancer Systems Biology Society.

Conference Chairs

Organizing Committee